Adderall shortage: Unknown things about the shortage 

We all are aware of the adderall shortage that is going on in the market. And you already know that adderall is one of the finest medicines in the United States. People are dependent on medicine and think that it can be their savior. The reason is that it gives them faster and straight relief from ADHD. Not only ADHD but it also stands to be the reliever of narcolepsy. Therefore, you can say that it is one of the finest medicines. 

Not only children but even adults also consume it. And there is no doubt about this thing. But you know some facts about this adderall shortage. There are a few things that still remain unknown. You can refer to them as trivia. If you know about them you are going to get a certain idea. Here are some unknown things about the shortage of Adderall. You should know about it and get answers to all your questions. 

The shortage started in November 

People have this misconception that the shortage started in July or August 2022. But this is false, the shortage started in the month of November. People are facing many problems due to it. And some results say that it is also due to some raw materials. This is an unknown fact that you may not know. 

Continue till mid-2023 

Some results say that the shortage can continue till the year 2023. That was too mid-2023. Can you imagine this? It is unimaginable. But as per the latest sources, we have known that the FDA is coming up with a solution. They are coming up with some new Adderall stocks. If not wrong then the adderall shortage can stop as soon as possible. 

A few online pharmacies are availing of it 

In this shortage, we have seen that a few online pharmacies are selling medicine. They are selling the medicine at a lower rate. And you are surely going to get the generic form. The generic form of it is none but dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. Buy them and get them at a discount. 

No one knows the special reason behind it 

Many researchers say that there is a special reason behind this shortage. It can either be adulterated ingredients or many such things like that. But no one knows the special reason behind this shortage. People speak out about many reasons but none of them turn out to be true. All of us need to know about this. 

People are preferring the other brands 

We have also come to know that people are preferring the other brands. They say that these brands are far better than Adderall. This is also another reason for the shortage. You need to take this matter into consideration. This stands to be the most important point. They are buying brands like Ritalin, Vyvanse, and many others. 

Adderall shortage

Failed in terms of curing narcolepsy 

Some researchers say that Adderall has already failed in terms of curing narcolepsy. But till now the fact is not proven. You can say that it stands to be a rumor. A rumor that does not have any specific value. Some researchers say that it is true. It is only potent when it comes to curing ADHD. 

Failure in the trials 

Results also say that the trials conducted for testing Adderall failed. They are not successful this is the only reason why there is a shortage. And the doctors are also not prescribing it for this particular reason. If this fact is true then the experts have to look forward to this matter so precisely. 

Gives some unhealthy effects 

The shortage is also because the medicine gives you some unhealthy effects. Unhealthy effects like nausea and constipation. This is also a special reason for the shortage. No one got any significant proof for this thing. It was an unknown thing that nobody knew. So you need to be aware of this fact. 

Substance of abuse 

It has also become a substance of abuse. And as it is a substance of abuse many people are snorting it. Not only snorting but they are also selling it illegally. Do you know it is known to be a punishable offense? This is the one and only reason why it should never become a substance of abuse. 

Frequently asked questions 
  1. Will this shortage go on till 2024? 

There is no such thing that we have got confirmation. But as far as we all know, mid-2023 is confirmed. So all we can say is that the shortage will go on till mid-2023. You do not have to worry because you can buy Adderall 10mg online in many online pharmacies. 

  1. Is overdosing also the reason for the shortage? 

Yes, overdosing is also known to be a reason for the shortage. But some people say that it is not at all the reason. For your safety, we are saying that you should never overdose. Overdosing leads you to a certain trouble. 

  1. Can I get an online prescription for Adderall? 

Yes, you can get an online prescription for Adderall. All you need is to search on Google to buy Adderall online prescription. But without trying the medicine you can never say that it is known to be the worst medicine. 

  1. Are Ritalin and Adderall meant to be the same? 

No, both of them are different products. So you cannot say both of them are meant to be the same. They have different generic names and ingredients. Although their functions are more or less the same. 


Therefore, all we can say is that the shortage of Adderall may not stop. It will go on till mid-2023. Unless and until you are not having the medicine you would not know anything about it. You should know that it is going to be a straight reliever for you. We would recommend you first try it and then see how it functions. Without any doubt, it will give you relief. 

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