blue adderall pill

Blue Adderall Pill: Blue-colored Adderall for ADHD relief 

The brand Adderall is famous as it is responsible for curing ADHD. People in the United States buy medicine and get rid of ADHD. It is meant for children as well as teenagers and adults. But it is high time that we all talk about the Blue Adderall Pill. It is not a pill but a tablet. The normal tablet gives you an easy result. Result while relieving you from ADHD as well as narcolepsy. 

But before going any further we have to first know about it. Once you are aware of the whole thing you will not feel like having any more questions. So in this blog, we are going to tell you something that you did not know. Therefore, this blog comes as surprising material for all of you. Know about it and later on, you are going to get a fair idea. And another thing is that you can never consume these pills in bulk.

blue adderall pill 

Adderall Overview 

A blue color Adderall is available in two main forms. You will get it as a tablet and on other hand, you are also going to get it as a capsule. The tablet is pure blue. Now when it comes to the capsules they are the XR version and also consist of blue color. Purchase it from a local market nearby or you can also get it on the online portal. The Blue Adderall Pill is mainly oval in shape. 

People say that it is far better than the other colors of Adderall. But there is nothing like that. All the pills Adderall are the same. But the blue one is known to be famous. The moment you consume it you will get a feeling of relaxation. Not only relaxation but it is also going to give you almost satisfaction. Have it at least once and see how it gives you a certain change and that too very soon. 

Two best strengths of Blue Adderall Pill 

Do you know the two best strengths of the Blue Adderall Pill? Your answer would obviously be a no. So we will tell you about it over here. They are 7.5mg and 10mg. You first need to try both of these strengths. They are going to be helpful for you. 

Adderall 7.5mg 

If you want you can get the Adderall 7.5mg pill. This blue-colored pill is available on most websites. It is going to give you a strength similar to 750mg. But that does not mean you have to consume it on an unlimited basis. At a time you only need to consume one tablet which is more than enough for you. 

Adderall 10mg 

You are also going to get Adderall 10mg. So do not wait anymore and buy adderall 10mg online. It is going to give you strength like 100mg. You can have it only if you see that your condition is serious. It is mostly consumed by teenagers and even adults. If we are not wrong then as per our assumption a child cannot consume it. 

Substance of abuse 

Now a question also arises if you buy adderall online and that too the blue color one will it become a substance of abuse? Yes, it can become once you snort this pill. Or even if you start selling it on an illegal basis. Use the medicine properly and it is going to give you the right solution. 


The longevity of a Blue Adderall Pill is for at least 3-4 years. If it is manufactured in 2023 it will last for at least 2026 or 2027. You can trust medicine. But make sure you are not relying on it. Once you start relying on it you will get some unfavorable results. Have the medicine as per your dosage because it is alright. 

Functioning of brain 

All that Blue Adderall Pill does is go into your brain. This way it produces a higher level of dopamine. After that, you get a sharper brain which helps you a lot. And later on, you get the superpower to concentrate very well on the task that you are doing. After consuming this blue pill the functioning of the brain really changes and it turns out really very good. 

For narcolepsy 

Now we also told you that the pill also gives you relief from narcolepsy. So it is a true fact. You can have it if you are having narcolepsy. Once you have it you are going to get specified energy. Energy to make yourself feel rejuvenated and wake up in the morning. You feel awake and work very well during your office hours. 


As you already know that the prime function of the blue pill is ADHD. So you need to use it to get rid of ADHD. The minimum strength that you need to consume is not more than 7.5mg. If the condition gets worse or more serious then only you need the 10mg pill. You can never forget this point because it is a very crucial one. 

Saving from addiction 

Now if you want to save yourself from the addiction of it make sure that you mention the dosage. Make a chart of it or note it down in your diary. It would be most helpful for you. This way you are going to make yourself free from the addiction to these pills. Never make yourself addicted to it. 


So you can have these blue color pills now only and see how you are going to make yourself free. Free not only from ADHD but narcolepsy too. But all we would like to tell you is to have it within the right limit. If you are doing this thing there is no question of getting addicted. Another thing is that at a time you are not required to have two or three pills at a time. It will result in huge trouble. 

blue adderall pill


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