What is the type of Hormones and their functions?



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“Am getting colder! Is this the sign of getting old? OMG! My hair is falling! Wait, what am looking beautiful?” Well, these are warm and cold emotions. The tiny beast in the bloodstream is the reason for mood swings. These tiny molecules are known as hormones. So, what you think? Body hormones balance and imbalance is the reason? Yes! It is.

Because hormones are responsible for growth, reproduction, hair, skin, and nails. However, it is necessary to know:

  • How to balance hormones?
  • What are the types of Hormones? 
  • How many hormones are in the human body?
  • What exactly are hormones responsible for? 


“As female hormones decrease, they’re replaced with an overwhelming urge to grow delphinium.” –Lois Lowry.


Have you ever think that God makes our body mysterious? And are they connected? These connections make us live, run, focus, and hungry. 


What do we think?

  • Think, our 86 billion neurons in just one human brain with the connection of another million brain nerves. 
  • These nerves send the message of cold & warm, angriness & sadness, fear & anxiety, Happy & peace, or more. 
  • The birth of a human to the death of a person. 
  • However, your infinite thinking and universal thoughts. 


However, these things make us curious. Therefore, being healthy is necessary. So, take care of yourself is essential. 


Let’s come to the point. 


What is Hormone?

  • It’s a chemical messenger that transfers the brain, bones, heart, muscles, and reproductive signals. 
  • However, it is necessary for the functioning of every organ in the body. 
  • Hence, the endocrine glands system produces hormones. 
  • Therefore, healthy hormones are the reason behind the rich growth of hair, nails, bones, the skin’s glow, and the reproductive system. 
  • Furthermore, it’s hormones definition which is necessary to understand. 


What are the types of body hormones and functions?
  • Insulin from the pancreas: It is responsible for regulating the blood sugar level. 
  • Hence, it absorbs glucose and sugar from food.
  • T3, T4, TSH from Thyroid Gland: 
    • It controls the metabolism in the body. 
    • Even it is also responsible for skin and hairs. 
    • Therefore, it regulates the weight and controls the temperature of the body. 
  • Estrogen & Progesterone from Ovaries:
    • These hormones are responsible for intimacy in women.
    • Even it also handles the monthly cycle of menstruation.
  • Testosterone from Testes:
    • Firstly, these hormones boost sexual ability in men.
    • Secondly, these are also responsible for the growth of muscle and bones. 
    • And it increases the density of hairs. 
  • Prolactin from Pituitary Gland:
    • These hormones help during the period of childbirth or Delivery.  
    • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) both are important for fertility. 
  • Cortisol from Adrenal Gland:
    • It reduces psychological and physiological stress. 
    • Even it calms the brain nerves and makes you feel relax. 
  • Serotonin from Pineal Gland in Brain:
    • However, it lowers stress and anxiety. 
    • These hormones also control cholesterol. 


How to body hormone balance?

However, body hormones balance is the process of controlling the reaction. In other words, if the deficiency of hormones decreases or increases, it impacts our body. Such as: 

  • Hair fall
  • Pimples 
  • Rashes 
  • Dark circles 
  • Acne
  • Dehydration 
  • Cracked lips 
  • Or more. 


Hence, you can balance them by:

  • Eat proteins
  • Workout daily 
  • Drink enough water 
  • Timely sleep
  • Consume herbs
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Avoid stress & anxiety 
  • Read books & practice daily to control your emotions 


Now you understand the types of hormones and body hormones balance. If you win on it, then you’ll get glowing skin with a muscular body and healthy hair. 

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