Brand name of Methylphenidate

Brand name of Methylphenidate: Ritalin an alternative to Adderall 


Everyone knows that ADHD is a dangerous disorder for kids. Not only kids but adults as well. With this, you are not able to concentrate very well on the given task. And there is a solution to get rid of the problem. It is nothing but to have Ritalin. Ritalin is nothing but the brand name of methylphenidate. Before drawing up any conclusion you should at least give it a try. Once you try it you will understand its value. 


If you are willing to buy Ritalin online overnight, buy it today only. After purchasing the medicine it is going to be a sign of relief for you. People have not only tried the medicine but also suggested it to their beloved persons. As we say if you are not getting Adderall then you can have this medicine. This is the one and only reason why we are calling it the alternative of an Adderall. A safe and beneficial alternative. 


Short information about Ritalin 


As we said that Ritalin is the brand name of methylphenidate. The formula of Ritalin is C14H19NO2. It is known to be an anti-ADHD medicine that gives you easy relief from ADHD. So you get rid of ADHD as soon as possible. And after that, you get a sharper brain. It happens because Ritalin increases the dopamine level of your brain as we told you earlier. Never forget this point because it is known to be the most important point. 


Ritalin for children 


Children consume the Ritalin tablet. They have it but the dosage is not so high for them. For them, the dosage is at least 2 to 5 mg. People often ignore this point and give many Ritalin tablets to children. This is the way your child gets addicted. So please make sure that you talk to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe the right dosage for the child. In the beginning, people often take it as a false statement but it is not at all a false statement. 


Ritalin for adults 


You would also wonder what is the dosage of Ritalin for adults. As far as we know the dosage of Ritalin for adults is merely 10 or 20 mg. If required then it can also go up a little bit higher. Not only male but female adults also have this medicine. It proves to be suitable for them. But remember that you can never misuse the medicine. Once you misuse it then you may fall into trouble. 


Two best strengths of Ritalin 


There are two best strengths of Ritalin that you must know. The first one is 10 mg and the other one is none but 20 mg. Know about them and later on, you are going to get a specific idea. 


Brand name of Methylphenidate

Ritalin 10 mg 


If you feel that the level of ADHD is not so high you can try Ritalin 10mg. It would be a possible way for you to get rid of ADHD. Not only this it is also meant for narcolepsy. This is why it is referred to as two-in-one medicine. And remember this thing that will give you strength like 100 mg. Therefore, you have to buy Ritalin 10 mg online as it is available at a very cheaper price. 


Ritalin 20 mg 


The next strength of Ritalin is none other than 20 mg. It gives full strength like 200 mg. So you would never have any problems after consuming it. If you are willing to order Ritalin 20 mg online then also you are right. Without any doubt, it is also known to be the right strength for you. Doctors mostly prescribe this strength. And it is prescribed mainly if the condition is a little bit serious. 


Ritalin and other ADHD medicines 


Now when it comes to having Ritalin and other ADHD medicines you need to choose the right one. The right one is none but the Ritalin tablets. You need to have them and see how you get rid of your problem. So the other ADHD medicines compared to Ritalin are nothing. It is the only one and is known to be the best. Only Adderall can compete with it. Just have a Ritalin and see how you easily get rid of ADHD. 


Ritalin vs Adderall 


There are many people who compare Ritalin with Adderall. It is a baseless competition. Both of them are different. Ritalin is the brand name of methylphenidate. And on the other hand, Adderall is the brand name for dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. So there is no competition between Ritalin vs Adderall. Both of them are known to give you easy relief. If you are not getting to buy Adderall 10mg, buy Ritalin as it can be the right option. 


Frequently asked questions


  1. Is Ritalin a stimulant or sedative? 


In simple words, Ritalin is a stimulant. It is neither a sedative nor a benzodiazepine. It reaches your nervous system and makes you free from ADHD. 


  1. Can I consume it after having food or without food? 


You can consume it without food. There is no such rule for it. But it would be better if you have it in the morning and that too after your breakfast. 


  1. What is so special about Ritalin? 


The only special thing about Ritalin is that it is the only medicine. It can relieve you from ADHD as soon as possible. This is the only specialty that you need to know about. 


  1. Can someone have Ritalin to get rid of anxiety? 


No, it is not known to be an anti-anxiety medicine. The only thing that it cures is ADHD. You cannot have it to get rid of anxiety. 




Therefore, if you are willing to consume Ritalin, consume it today only. After consuming it you are soon going to get rid of ADHD. This is the special function of this medicine. First, give it a try and then see the way it works. It is never going to make you feel uncomfortable. 


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