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“Anxiety Rings and Pens: ease stress in Covid-19 pandemic”

Anxiety is a mental disorder that occurs when there is an overwhelming fear of someplace, thing, or a particular situation that increases the fear and insecurity of the people. Anxiety affects the life of the user in many ways. And because of the covid-19 pandemic there are a lot of people that are in continous stress, anxiety rings and pens can be the best way to ease of the tension.

People suffering from anxiety expect that there is a threat and prepare the body for it. For example, your mind can tense your muscles and increase your heartbeat and activate your lungs and strength to fight or flee in a chaotic situation.

Anxiety can create abnormal levels of stress, which can make you irritated and not allow you to think straight, affecting your functioning and productivity in daily activities.

There are some physical symptoms for anxiety-like fidgeting and doodling that a person does because it helps the brain to think straight if you feel restless and stressed. But it is not the only symptom that can tell whether you have anxiety or not.

Symptoms of anxiety

  • Increase in heart rate
  • Excessive sweating 
  • Overwhelming fear 
  • Overthinking and worrying about situations that have not occurred yet.
  • Fidgeting and doodling 
  • Feeling weak 
  • Nervous and restless behavior

These are some common symptoms that occur if someone is suffering from an anxiety disorder; however, they appear as a group of symptoms that occur together to form anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a curable disease, and you can easily find medicines if you are suffering from such disorders. Still, certain things can help you, like fidgeting toys and crystals for anxiety, that can help you ease the stress.

Helpful ways to cope with anxiety?

Fidgeting and doodling is not only a sign of anxiety, but it helps people to concentrate on a task because it has been done by you subconsciously. Fidgeting diverts the mind hyperactive to a body movement that allows you to stay focused on the job you are doing.

It is an excellent way to help you cope with restlessness and the inability to focus the anxiety causes that. Many anxiety fidget toys can help you perform and be the best version for yourself. 

Many types of anxiety fidgeting toys are available in the market, but the most prevalent anxiety rings below. They are easy to use and made to keep your hands busy. However, the anxiety fidgeting toys cannot treat your stress, but they are made to help you while you are surrounded by anxious thoughts and can’t concentrate.

Anxiety rings and pens comes in many forms:

Anxiety rings 
Anxiety Rings

(Anxiety Rings)

According to Tibetan meditation, “the Anxiety ring is also known as the “worry ring” It is a form of meditation that helps you to worry less and make your body and mind calm”. 


The movement of the ring naturally provides calming effects and also helps you to think straight.


It comes in the form of calls that you can wear on your finger and have a moving part in them that helps you play around and increase the user’s focus. They look like standard rings, but they help you improve your concentration to complete the task rather than panicking.

These rings are designed in a way that helps people that are restless by providing them something to direct their racing thoughts towards repetitive movement, which allows the user to get calm.

It does not only help people with anxiety, but there are other things that anxiety rings can help you with. For example, it also helps people suffering from depression or someone who picks skin or bite nails excessively.

Anxiety pens 
Anxiety pens 

                                            (Anxiety pens)


There are no such pens made explicitly for anxiety disorder, but the closest thing you can find is CBD-infused vape pens that can help you with anxiety and panic disorder. CBD (Cannabinoid) is a chemical from the marijuana plant that helps people with stress and anxiety management.

These pens come in the form of vape that you need to inhale. It helps to promote a calm and relaxed feeling in the user. These pens are different from regular vape as they don’t have the nicotine as a conventional vape, making them significantly less addictive.

However, you should only use these pens with caution and under medical supervision because they can cause fatigue and other side effects if not used properly.

Crystals for anxiety

Crystals are rare stones formed by the melting and cooling of different minerals. They are pretty stones that can be transparent or have vivid colors. There are different types of crystals that help people in different ways.

Several pieces of evidence show that humans are using crystals for their well-being. Many people believe that crystals interact with your body’s energy and help us heal because of these vibrations.

However, It is not scientifically proven and might be a placebo effect helping people. Therefore you should not ignore the medical treatment available for issues like stress and anxiety. However, many people have claimed that it allows them to feel calm which we cannot ignore.

Some of the crystals that help you with anxiety are:


It is a crystal stone that you can identify by a light pinkish violet to a deep purple at the end. It is a protective stone and helps relieve stress and lower the overwhelming fear caused by anxiety, which allows the user to feel calm and relaxed.


Rhodonite is a calming stone that helps reduce and suppress anxiety, and it allows you to strengthen your heart and will to overcome the effects of stress. But, unfortunately, it also brings order to the panic and controls your thoughts, creating anxiety.


Citrine is a yellow and brown colored stone that brings joy, happiness, and enthusiasm in life. It helps you find new possibilities that help you unwind the stress and anxiety that is holding you down. 

Rose quartz

Rose quartz has a beautiful pink hue that encourages self-love and self-care in people. It helps you when you are extremely self-conscious. It allows you to live freely without self-doubts, which helps in the case of social anxiety disorder.


Celestite is a remarkable stone that helps release stress, anxiety, and obsessive behavior. If you worry about different things and new experiences, this stone can restore peace and relief in your life.

Note: These methods only help in the management of anxiety; therefore, if you have an anxiety disorder, you can use strategies to help you cope with stress, and if you want to eliminate anxiety from your life, then medical and behavioral therapy are the only approved ways than can help you.


In the end, I would like to say that many things work in our universe that are beyond our knowledge. We cannot say that something is wrong without knowing the exact answer. Anxiety is a severe issue that you should take measures to help you in that situation. Anxiety rings and pens are an excellent way to increase your focus levels, and there are natural ways like crystals that work with your inner energy for your healing. These things only help if you allow them to do so, therefore always stay positive and make sure to live your life on your terms.


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