pain in the top of the foot

Do You Know Pain in the top of the foot?

Today the majority of people suffer from Pain in the top of the foot. As we know that our feed is made up of bone, muscles, ligaments, and tendons too. Also, it carries the entire weight of the body. Therefore it is not common if your foot is in a pain. Sometimes we all feel pain at the top of the foot which makes us uncomfortable while waking and standing still. This kind of pain can happen due to possible injury. however, It can also happen when you do exercises, cycling, running, jumping, and kicking. But sometimes it can happen due to wearing shoes for a long time. However, your symptoms of pain give you an idea what is the reason for the pain. The pain in the foot easily gets better in a few weeks but if you do not absorb any improvement so consult with your doctor. 

However, sometimes pain is ok. After all, it is a part of life because it comes and goes. If you suffer from these kinds of pain regularly, it can be dangerous. It affects your daily life activity and makes your task difficult. Therefore sometimes it can be the reason for poor organizational tasks and relationships. 

pain in the top of the foot

Causes of pain

Pain can be common but it can happen due to the reason of overuse and other activities. So there are some common causes-

  • Extensor tendonitis –  this can happen with the overuse of tight-fitting shoes and socks. The tendons move upward on the foot and become inflamed and painful. The symptoms of extensor tendonitis are- pain, swelling, stiffness, and a grating and cracking sensation. 
  • Sinus tarsi syndrome-  this causes is very rare and it is characterized by an inflamed sinus and tarsi. This kind of pain is found between the heel and ankle bone. therefore it can happen pain in the foot. 
  • Stress factors of bone in the feet- this kind of pain can happen due to the facture of the metatarsal bone in the foot. The injury symptoms are welling. 
  • Gout- it can cause sudden and intense pain at the base of the big toe. Red, hot swollen skin, and sudden or serve pain are the symptoms of pain in the top of the foot. 
  • Bone spurs- this is a painful growth that forms along your joints. It can happen in the joints of pain by your big toe.
  • Peripheral neuropathy- this can happen due to prickling, and numbness, and it can spread up from; the leg to the foot.

What you should do if you are in foot pain

  1. You must rest and do raise your foot if possible. 
  2. Also, you can apply ice paint on your painful area for almost 20 minutes after 2 to 3 hours. 
  3. Wear soft sole shoes without heels. Avoid using the heel because it causes ankle pain.
  4. You should use soft insoles or a pad.
  5. Do gentle stretching exercises for the foot.

What you should not do during foot pain?

  1. Do not take ibuprofen 48 hours after the injury.
  2. Avoid doing exercises and physical activity which can cause pain.
  3. Do not walk and avoid standing if you are in a pain.
  4. Also do not wear high heels and pointy shoes. 

In which case you should take emergency treatment?

  • If you have too much-uncontrolled pain in the top of your foot.
  • Also if you are not able to walk a little bit.
  • If your foot shape changed to another shape.
  • You feel faint, dizzy, and sick from pain so tell your doctor as soon as possible.

How is foot pain diagnosed?

  • If you suffer from pain for a much longer time so you should mention it to your healthcare. You should take an appointment to consult with the doctor. 
  • Call your doctor if your pain is going worse and makes it difficult to walk.
  • Even you can call your general practitioner who may refer to you a podiatrist.
  • Your healthcare may ask you about the symptoms of pain so tell them every symptom. Never hide them otherwise it can cause serious side effects. Even they ask about your physical activities and last injuries. 
  • Your healthcare will examine your foot and touch and press the different areas of the foot to see where you feel pain. They may also ask for a walk and other exercises like rolling their feet.
  • If your doctor has any doubt about a broken bone or other factors so they will suggest an x-ray. 

What are the Pain medicines-


This is An opioid that treats your foot pain as soon as possible. Even this is a two-in-one pill because sometimes it is used for cough problems. Hydrocodone tablet itself is an ingredient. Hydrocodone pill ingredients under which you would get some brands. The most popular brand under hydrocodone is oxycodone. And it works by reacting inside the portions of your brain. Doing this can give you relief from any kind of pain. 

Hydrocodone dosage is not only available in tablets but also in liquid and capsule form. You can have any one of them and make yourself free from foot pain. 

The strength of hydrocodone is 10 mg as directed by the doctor. But never share your same painkiller with anyone in your family if they also have the same foot pain problem. Sharing the same pill with them can cause serious side effects and life-threatening problems. 


Tramadol is also An opioid that treats your pain as soon as possible. And Tramadol pill itself is an ingredient. This ingredient pill is under which you would get some brands. The most popular brands under the Tramadol tablet are Ultram, ConZip, and Qdolo. And this medication works by reacting inside the portions of your brain. This can give you relief from any type of foot pain. 

Tramadol is not only available in tablets but also in liquid and capsule form. You can have any one of them and make yourself free from any type of pain. 

Strengths of Tramadol 

Tramadol is available in the market in different dosages. The main three strengths of Ultram are 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg.

  • 50mg- this is a better and more powerful strength. It stays inside your system for so 
  • long period. After this, it gives you relief from pain. The most exceptional thing is that it consists of 100% of Tramadol ingredients itself. 
  • 100mg- it is An additional strength that comes with some finest properties.  Consuming it is like getting relief within a few seconds. So just consume it and see how good it can be for you. 
  • 200mg- Available mostly in pill form. These 200mg tablets come in red therefore it is also known as red tramadol. And it is the strongest strength of the Tramadol tablet. All the ingredients inside it are outstanding and worthful and it gives you relaxation from pain. 


Percocet pill is a senior member of the opioid drug class family. It is made up of the finest formula C18H21NO4. It contains all the forms of Percocet. Therefore It is responsible for killing your pain as soon as possible. And this thing happens only due to oxycodone( generic name). So after consuming this tablet you would get relief from foot pain within a few minutes. 

All you can say is that Percocet is the best painkiller for everyone. Due to its properties, We can bet you that it would never give you any sort of dissatisfaction. So before taking this medicine you must read out all the medication guidelines provided by your healthcare. It is the right and safe way of using it. Also, it protects you from many negative side effects and life-threatening problems. 

See the important dosage of Percocet medicine is only after consuming any major meal. The Major meals should only be like lunch or dinner. So you can consume it after having any one of them. And this way you would sure shot get rid of any kind of foot pain. This way will help you to get an ultimate solution to your problem. 


Carisoprodol is the generic name of soma it belongs to the skeletal muscle relaxant. It works by blocking the pain signal between the nerve and the brain and gives you relief from pain. However, this medication takes together with therapy also. 

Your healthcare prescribes you this drug for short-term treatment with the hope that the person remains stable and doesn’t need to continue it. Even there is no evidence that this medicine will work same after the long-term use. 

The recommended dosage of soma 250 and 350mg daily as directed by the doctor. Take your medicine on time as soon as possible. But never take two pills at one time because it can cause an overdose and addiction. 

These are all some painkiller prescribes by your healthcare to manage your foot pain and it works better to get rid of the pain. If you have any doubts while taking this medication so ask your doctor. But taking it in the wrong way can be dangerous for your health. 

pain in the top of the foot

  • Start by taking this painkiller after the prescription because health experts suggest you best treatment after knowing your health reports and responding to the treatment. 
  • Do not take two opioid pills at one time because it can cause an overdose. However, an overdose and addiction to any opioid painkiller are always dangerous for your health. 
  • Keep your oral, medication, capsules, and tablets away from reaching out to children and others because they don’t know the right way of using them.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any medical history and at present, you are taking any pills. So that they will advise you best pain medication with a lower dosage. 
  • Avoid mixing alcohol and Adderall because both make you drowsy which is not good for your health. However, drowsiness is always dangerous because it makes your driving difficult and operating the machine, even worse your concentration also. Therefore sometimes it can cause serious accidents and death. 
  • Misuse and abuse of this drug can cause addiction and addiction to any pill are bad for your health. Therefore must follow the doctor’s directions and instructions while taking it. It is one of the ways and safe ways to protect yourself from many serious side effects. 
  • Avoid sharing your same pill with anyone if they also have the same foot pain problem. Sharing the same pill with them can cause serious life-threatening problems and death also. 

Serious side effects of the opioid drugs

  • Hypertension
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Restlessness
  • Overdose
  • stroke
  • Sudden cardiac death

If you notice other any side effects of opioid medication also so mentioned them in your healthcare. Never take any risks because your healthcare has many solutions and they will advise you best. However, your healthcare suggests these opioid painkiller drugs after knowing more benefits than side effects. You should also follow the doctor’s directions and 

medication guides so that the chances of side effects will be less. 

How to get opioid medication without a prescription?

If you are looking for a way to get opioid drug class legally without a prescription so you can search online. Many reputable online pharmacies sell opioid drugs without a prescription. Even most of them accept credit cards and online payments also therefore it saves your time. To find the best online pharmacy that sells opioid drugs without a prescription. So you can search for it on google, yahoo, and search engine. These are the best online platforms and websites. Even you should try to purchase FDA-approved opioid medicine because the food and drug administration work against illegal opioid painkiller drugs. 


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