Ambien 12.5mg

Ambien 12.5mg

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Formula: C19H21N3O
Brand Names: Ambien

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The Genric name of Ambien is zolpidemAmbien 12.5mg is a drug medication that affects the unbalanced chemicals in the brain that create troubles such as insomnia.

In other words, this drug medication treats the problem of insomnia.
Generally, this medication helps you to sleep faster if in case you are unable to take proper sleep or complete sleep.

Moreover, this drug never treats the tiredness or weakness of an individual.

Ambien 12-5mg: Usage

One should never proceed with the consumption of this drug until or unless you have a proper medical prescription.
This drug may cause some side effects also, so make sure you know about this drug before its usage.
The usage of Ambien 12.5mg is generally or 1 to 2 weeks or maybe less than that.
In other words, the period for the consumption of such drugs never exceeds more than 2 or 3 weeks.

It is to take before you go to sleep in a bed. Also, do not take the medication if you don’t want to sleep after consumption.
 Please do not take this drug with a meal or after it, as it will not work correctly in such a case.
Ambien 12.5mg is to take by mouth on an empty stomach, as said by the doctor.

Never overdosage this medication or take more than the prescribed time as it may cause memory loss otherwise.
It may also make you an addict in case of abusing Ambien 12.5mg, so never take it if you are an alcoholic.
To avoid the withdrawal effects which may take place at the time of quitting such a drug can be curable by taking it in a small dosage.

Ambien 12.5mg: side effects

The most common side effect of such a drug medication is Dizziness, which takes place if you are taking it for a long time.
It also makes you sleepy or lethargic. In such a case, ask your doctor to low your medicine dosage.
Though decidedly fewer people suffer from significant side effects of such medication. However, talk to a doctor if it happens

The side effects are headache, drowsiness, muscle ache, runny nose, etc. which are very common in Ambien 12.5mg.
Other harmful side effects include fever, racing heartbeat, trouble focus/speak, stress, chest pain, etc.
It is always recommendable to have a doctor’s consultancy in case any symptoms are noted or not occur severely.

ambien 12-5mg: Precautions

There are some precautions that you should always keep in mind before start taking the drug medication.

The medication consists of several ingredients that can harmful or acutely toxic to an individual’s health.
As a result, make sure you are informing your doctor about your allergic reactions

Disclose your complete medical history in front of your doctor before the usage of this drug.
Never start its consumption if you have any respiratory problems such as asthma.
Tell your doctor if you have a plan for any surgery during the consumption of this drug.
Pregnant women are not advisable to take this drug without a doctor’s prescription.

As said above, this medication can make you wholly dizzy and nauseous, so do not drive any heavy machinery and do other such activities.

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